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Why Benway School?

Benway School, Special Education School, New JerseyBenway School is a therapeutically-based state-approved program, grades 1 through 12, for students with emotional, social, cognitive, and learning difficulties (SLD, BD, MD, CI, OHI, TBI). The curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey State Standards, and our highly-concentrated technology programs cater to the three modalities of learning: Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory–ensuring a high rate of student success.

Benway School is committed to the belief that emotional growth and academic success go hand-in-hand. At Benway School we understand that incoming students will have varied reactions to being placed out of district. Read the full story on Benway School. New Jersey’s Special Education School. Click Here To Read and Learn More About Benway School and It’s Programs.

Learners With Autism

New Jersey, Special Education School, benway SchoolAre you looking for an innovative program for learners in your district struggling with a diagnosis of autism? The Benway School has provided hands-on, technologically advanced programming for students with a variety of special needs for years, but is now expanding its success to include individuals with autism. Read More

Transition’s Program

New Jersey, Special Education School, benway School, Transition's Program
The Transition’s Department works with the students on a 1 to 1 basis to ensure that all students attending and graduating from Benway are going forward with success.Our students successfully attend the HoHoKus School of Trade, HoHoKus Medical Program, and Capri Hair Salon, as well as travel to many places. Read More

College Bound

College Bound, Benway School
Benway School believes that everyone needs a map to show them the route to college. Developing a college plan is a fantastic tool to help a student plan ahead and think about the future. This will help make today’s decisions much easier and more focused. Read More

Cmty. Based Instruction

Community Based Instruction:, Benway SchoolCommunity Based Instruction. Benway believes that “giving back” to the community fosters a sense of self-pride, accomplishment, and merit. Under careful supervision, our students have volunteered in Food Banks, Women and Children’s shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Nursing Homes, Handicap Foundations, and Animal Shelters. Read More

Interactive Learning

New Jersey, Special Education School, benway School
We offer programs and technology that exercise the brain and increase its ability to perform four basic functions that are essential to learning: Memory, Attention, Processing, & Sequencing.

Read More

Music Program

New Jersey, Special Education School, Music Program, benway School
The music department offers students the opportunity to experience music through technology. Our program includes the use of an iMac computer with programs that enable the beginner or advanced student the ability to create and record original scores/pieces. Read More

Fine Arts Programs

Smart Table Learning, Interactive Classrooms, Benway School
“The schools that produced the highest academic achievement in the United States today are spending 20% to 30% of the day on the arts, with special emphasis on music.”(International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IAEEA) Test, 1988) Read More

Elementary School

Smart Boards, Interactive Learning, Benway School
Benway School is proud to announce our new elementary program. We accept students in grades 1 through 8. The program is a Token-Based Economy and it caters to students with emotional, social, cognitive, and learning difficulties. Read More

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