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Is your school approved? +

Yes. Benway is a State Approved facility. We are also members of ASAH (Association of Schools and Agencies of the Handicapped), NJAPSA (New Jersey Association of Pupil Services Administrators),  C.E.C (Council for Exceptional Children) and A.S.C.D (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)and NJSEAA (Northern Jersey Special Education Administrator’s Association.)

What types of disabilities does your program address? +

Mild to moderate cognitive disabilities; learning disabilities; mild to moderate behavioral challenges; emotional & social difficulties.

What is the student/staff ratio? +

The ratio varies; however, it is never more than 4:1 student/staff.

What courses does my child receive? +

The academic program is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Students will be receiving the same required course offerings that are made in public school as per their IEP.

What electives are offered? +

Benway offers many electives including: Pet Care, Drama, Woodshop, TV/Media, Computers, Golf, Chess, Into. to Culinary Arts, Jewelry Making, Photography, Girl’s & Boy’s Group (There is a full listing of our electives under Course Descriptions.) In addition, we have an outstanding music and art programs, as well as private weekly instruction for those who wish to participate.

Does your school have a behavior modification program? Or go on trips? +

Benway’s elementary program is a token-based economy on a daily basis, however, our approach to behavior in our High School is through the infusion of an Incentive Program. Our students are given clearly defined rules and regulations. Those students who follow these guidelines are invited on monthly trips and various fun-filled activities. In the past Benway has gone to NJ PAC, apple picking, snow tubing, ice skating, Franklin Mines, planetarium, Newark Museum, Montclair Art Museum and the circus. Luxury bus ride into Manhattan to Radio City Music Hall and a river tour of the Statue of Liberty and other Hudson River sights are also part of our educational trips. We also incorporate Honor Roll luncheons/breakfasts as well as a Principal’s Luncheon after every marking period. Both Elementary and High School students may earn the trips and special luncheons.

What type of counseling services is my child offered? +

Your child is given weekly group counseling, male group and female group counseling, one-on-one counseling sessions and is also afforded the opportunity to speak with one of our licensed clinicians on an as needed basis.

Is there communication between home, school and district? +

We encourage communication and have an open door policy regarding visitations from parents / guardians and child study teams.

What steps does Benway take if my child is having a difficult day? +

We understand that there are variable reasons for students to avoid going to school and/or class. We also recognize that everyone cannot have a perfect day every day of the week. Our clinical team is set up to assist students de-escalate and calm themselves down using an understanding and an empathetic ear, however, clearly defined limits are set.

Do you work with outside agencies? +

We assist our students with filling out many applications, including DVR. Our clinicians also reach out to the many social and governmental agencies our students and families are involved with.

What does a typical day look like? +

Students arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 AM. From there, they complete all of their academic subjects until noon where they again gather for lunch. The afternoon is slated for their choice of electives and PE. Instruction ends at 2:00 PM.

Do the students move from class to class? +

Students are mobile from period to period. For those students who have difficulties transitioning in between classes there is a smaller, self-contained classroom set up.

Do you give a lot of homework? +

Benway recognizes that students with disabilities usually have difficulty with homework. Therefore, we keep homework to a minimum. However, at the request of a parent/guardian/or student, we will increase the amount of homework.

Do you offer a summer program? +

Our summer program runs for six weeks. It is designed to assist students who need additional academic assistance so there is minimal regression when they return in September. We are also available to those students who have failed a class and need to make up credits. The half-day program includes: individual and group instruction, weekly off-campus trips, a large-scaled Art project, counseling, Physical Education and the possibility of 10 credits.

Can you help my child if they failed classes from previous years? +

Our Learning Consultant will work with your child and the district to create a schedule that will allow them to graduate in a timely manner.

Do your students go into the community? +

Our students volunteer their services to a variety of agencies in need of assistance.

What types of vocational/transitional programs do you offer? +

Aside from our stated vocationally-based electives, we work in conjunction with The Rose House, HoHoKus Trades School, Foundation for the Handicap, Eastwick College Healthcare Program, Brain Institute, Capri Hair Institute, CUMAC, Habitat for Humanity Restore, Friendship House, Oasis and Lincoln Tech. We also offer a work-study program and community-based instruction.

Will my child receive a diploma from Benway or from their district? +

Your student will receive a diploma from their sending district and are eligible to participate in Benway's graduation ceremony as well as their home districts. All transcripts for post-graduate reasons will be forwarded from the district.

What do Benway students do after graduation? +

Our students may choose to attend a two-year or four-year college; join the Armed Forces; go on to various trade schools; or go to work.

Can my child participate in district activities? +

Absolutely! Several of our students belong to various sports teams in their home district and some go to their district proms. It is strictly a decision that your child must make.

How can I visit your school? +

Your first step is to tell your Child Study Team that you would like to visit our program. They will then contact us and set up a mutually convenient time for all.

What does the intake process involve? +

Allow yourself a minimum of one hour. You will meet with our Clinical Staff, Principal, and Assistant Director. We will describe our program and discuss your child’s needs. Afterwards, you will be given a tour of the facility and you will be able to see the school in action.

Is there a cost to me? +

No. Your sending district will pay for the cost of tuition, busing and any other school-related services. Most of our students bring their own lunches from home, however, for those who don’t; we have a cafeteria that offers reasonably-priced food.

What steps must I take to have my child enrolled in Benway? +

If you like our program, tell your Child Study Team that you would like to have your child enrolled in our program. They will handle it from there.

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