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Benway’s New Knot


Mr. Peter Puccia recently created a new type of knot for his Navigation class. It is a rescue knot that can be used to save people in perilous situations.

This knot is designed to create a loop, which will go around a victim and under their armpits. Once attached, both the rescuer, and the victim, can help pull the victim to safety. If the victim becomes unconscious, the rescuer can turn the knot into a noose to secure the victim, and pull them to safety.

Mr. Puccia envisions this knot being able to help victims who are stuck on a ledge, are in danger in water, are stuck in a cave, and other life threatening situations. The Navigation class has practiced this knot extensively, in case they would ever need to use it in their travels.

Below is an instructional video, demonstrated by a Benway Navigation student, on how to make this knot. The hope of the class is to spread awareness of this knot, so that it may help save lives.

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