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Benway's First Student Film

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After a marking period of Film Production Class, and a few weeks in our music lab, the student short film, Escape From Benway, is finally ready for release! The students who participated in the class wanted to make a movie that spoofed horror films and so the project began. Their hard work was guided by both our film instructor and music teacher, Matthew Bijas and Vincent Scalia respectively. The students learned about acting, lighting, editing, adding a musical score, and more. Their efforts received a roaring ovation from the student body during a school premiere; which included pop corn, a red carpet walk, film awards, stars, a Benway Walk-of-Fame, and an environment that you can truly find "Only At Benway." So we are proud to present to you, the comedic student film, Escape From Benway! (Please do not forget to check your YouTube settings, as this video is available in 1080P.)

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