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"Like any loving parent would feel, for Julie and I, our son, Antonio is our world. We have done whateverwe could to co-parent and find what would be best for him. From the very first school he attended in California, the highest rated K through 5 in the state, it was a priority to place him in the best environment for learning possible. This pursuit was far more elusive than we had hoped or expected it would be for us. The effort continued there and onwards to our returning to reside in NJ. We explored a few more schools in the Garden State and always felt like the big picture was missing pieces...until Benway. What we see in the ongoing activities, opportunities and genuine care for our son's growth as a young man at Benway is not only great to have finally, but it's working for him! His triumphs are shared and spotlighted. His setbacks are treated as bumps in the road, not as defining who he is. Miss Jani and her classroom are inspiring him to enjoy school, find things that excite him to learn and helping him to have a happier life. When I see pictures like this from my son's day at Benway School, pictures of my son and Ms Jani, I don't just see my son as a hero. I see him with one, too."
- Ron Yacovetti (Parent)

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What Case Managers are Saying

"Hi Jennifer:

I have no questions. I do want to say that you guys are truly doing some amazing things with Isaiah over there and that is why I recommend your school to anyone looking for an OOD placement. You guys are truly the greatest. Thank you for all you have done for him.

-West New York Case Manager"

"Good Morning,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time with (a recent potential student) and her parents. The intake was very exciting and made the (student) comfortable enough to even entertain a day to visit. Although the second visit day didn't go as expected, you treated (the student) and her mother with respect and compassion. We appreciate your feedback about the day so that we are able to get (the student) the correct help that she needs. I was extremely impressed with your program, especially your staff. I hope that we will get the opportunity to work together in the future. Thank you for all that you do for your students and potential students.

Waldwick Public School District Case Manager/School Social Worker"

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