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Fine Arts Program

“The schools that produced the highest academic achievement in the United States
today are spending 20% to 30% of the day on the arts, with special emphasis on music.”
IAEEA, 1988


The music department offers students the opportunity to experience music through technology. Our program includes the use of the MacIntosh G-5 computer with music programs that enable the beginner or advanced student the ability to create and record original music. Each program has a wide choice of instruments to select from (pop, rock, RnB, symphonic orchestra, and world instruments) giving the young composer freedom to paint with different musical sounds and textures while incorporating melody, rhythm and harmony.







FP Fine Arts

NJ Special Education Fine Arts Program, Benway’s Art Program incorporates multiple media to aid students in their development of fine motor skills and hone their creative talents. We offer group and individual lessons that incorporate state of the art equipment including, but not limited to, a potter’s wheel, oils and tempra paint, sculptures that utilize various media, pastels, pen and ink, and printmaking. Benway’s Art Program also uses Communication-Graphic Design for our advanced students whom are pursuing a career in the area of Fine Arts.

The Van sneakers company had a contest and our school was chosen among thousands of schools across the nation to be able to participate. Students were able to submit art work in the hopes to have their design chosen and placed on a sneaker.

The Art Department has been working on various projects over the last few weeks, including two large murals, which both the middle school and high school students have been progressing on quite nicely. The middle school students have also been very innovative in their approach with the assignment of blending Van Gogh and Warner Bros. and making creative designs while the high school students have been testing their creativity with the unique designs of plaster statues.

Applied Music

This course allows students to choose one instrument (from a variety) and have a private weekly lesson. They will learn to identify the various parts, demonstrate proper care, and handling techniques that culminates in individual and ensemble playing time.

Music Lab

This course involves students learning basic music theory and the ability to perform music in an ensemble setting.

Music History

Students will widen their knowledge base of various music styles and noted composers.

Logic 9

Logic 9 incorporates all aspects of music including: writing, recording, editing and mixing.. Instantly it sets up track, edits, mixes or master even a large-scale project. Logic 9 builds a song from scratch with tracks and a mixer channel. It uses the a library of thousands of instruments and effect settings, Apple Loops and even sounds the student created themselves!

Garage Band

Plug a USB music keyboard into your Mac and over 100 realistic software instruments are at your fingertips. You’ll find pianos, strings, drums, guitars, and horns — everything from bass to woodwinds. Just create a new track, choose your instrument, and play. Try the one onscreen — it can display up to 10 octaves at once and it’s resizable. Or turn on Musical Typing and use the keys on your computer keyboard to play. As you record software instruments, GarageBand can display your notes on a piano roll or as notation, complete with rests and other musical events. Edit individual notes right on the staff, then print the notation.

Art Introduction

This is a basic survey course which introduces the student to the fundamentals of good design through the use of the elements and principles of design in two and three dimensional art forms. Students develop an understanding of the critique process and study various artists and artistic movements in Western Art.

Advanced Art

This course is open to students who wish to develop a more extensive background in art and art history. Emphasis is on development of individual style in a variety of media.


Using a state-of-the-art potter’s wheel, students will be able to create their own clay-based masterpieces.