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Introduction to Cosmetology:

This course covers the basics of the care of nails and hair. We will discuss the proper and professional way that a manicure is given and the proper way to care for your skin, nails and hair. With focus on the newest trends and styles in nail design and hair design.



This is a semester-long exploratory course. The student develops knowledge and use of hand tools and begins the use of power tools in woodworking. Individual choice in projects can be made and more complicated woodworking and wood finishing is taught. This course is open to males and females and requires no previous experience.



Students will learn the history of fashion photo poses and runway walking. They will also learn the creation and participation in a fashion show,  and become familiar with fashion designers past & present who were instrumental in bringing fashion into society.

IPad Learning

In addition to the already vast technology based tools in our school, our students have the opportunity to enhance their skills with our brand new Apple iPads!

Board Games

Board Games

Students’ enjoy playing the latest card or board games such as: Chess, Phase 10, Sequence, Rummy Kube, & Monopoly.


Students choose any Lego set they wish to build and after it’s built they get to keep their creation.


Crafts is a semester course designed for the student without a formal art background who wants to explore his/her creative nature. Emphasis is placed on developing awareness and creativity. The command of technical information and applied skills will be perfected in the development of studio projects. Students will work with a variety of mediums to create various items.


Students learn the basics of the game. The course culminates with a trip to a Driving Range.

Computer Technology

This one-semester course introduces students to practical, advanced operations of the computer. Through a series of curriculum-based projects, students will become familiar with database management, spreadsheet design, keyboarding skills, and developing skills in preparing essays and personal documentation.



Once a week, we offer an opportunity to relax, watch a current flick, and chill out.

Independent Study

Independent Study

This course is available to students who are required to make up credits previously omitted in their course of studies.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activity

This course is a program which focuses on individual sports, appropriate to the season, which teaches the rules of the game as well as improve skills needed for that particular sport.

Culinary Arts

Introduction to Food Services

Students will learn basic kitchen skills, nutritional balance, measurement, and health precautions in the kitchen along with some basic recipes.

Pet Care Class

Pet Care

Students, working with volunteers from the Ramapo Bergen Animal Rescue, will learn how to correctly handle a dog and how to give basic obedience commands. They will also be shown among other techniques how to correctly approach a dog and how to walk a dog. The end result will be to help these dogs become more well adjusted so that they can be placed in their forever home.



This course will allow students to explore digital photography while working at their own individual skill level. They will be using digital camera’s, to explore lighting, color, texture, composition, and other subject matter. They will also be learning how to correct, manipulate, and transform their photos into finalized pictures.



This course introduces aspects of Drama such as: Public Speaking, Voice Rate, Voice Pitch, Editing Monologues, Dramatic Improv, Stage Directions, and Performing by memorizing a script.

SAT Review

This course is to help prepare students for the mathematics and verbal sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). A review of necessary skills and test taking techniques is provided.


Students will learn the basics needed to complete a simple project – cowl, neck warmer, scarf. They will be shown how to cast on, bind off, knit and purl



Utilizing Adobe Visual Communicator 3 software students will prepare and record a newscast. They will also incorporate the use of a teleprompter, HD video camera, and professional studio lighting to create original pieces. Microsoft Office Publisher along with the use of HD digital cameras will be taught to create and publish the school yearbook.


Jewelry Making

Students will learn to create rings, earrings, necklaces or other pieces of jewelry using beads, wire and small hand tools.

weight training

Weight Training

This is an introductory course that focuses on correct weight lifting techniques. Individual work will range from muscle hypertrophy to muscle strength and endurance, as well as, promoting proper physical conditioning.


Students will be introduced to a variety of yoga styles. They will learn many basic postures such as mountain pose, downward facing dog, upward facing dog, and the warrior poses. They will practice forward bends, backward bends, side bends, hip openers, arm balances, and inversions.

Some classes will focus on alignment and holding postures, while other classes will focus on flowing movement through a series of postures.