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Current Issues

This semester course will expose the student to a variety of news sources available in America. Using daily newspapers and weekly news magazines and television, where issues are analyzed and debated, as a basis for discussion, students will gain an awareness of the current events around us that are shaping our lives.

U.S. History I

Students study the first part of the state-required United States History course. This is immediately concerned with the comprehensive task of presenting American history from the founding of our country through the Reconstruction. It presents the basic knowledge, the concepts, ideals, and patterns of the political, social and economic growth which acquaints students with their nation’s heritage.

U.S. History II

This course provides a general review of Westward Expansion through to the present day. This includes a study of contemporary social issues, government and economics.

World History

This course studies world history from the prehistoric period, all the way to the twentieth century. Students will see the birth and development of Western and Eastern civilizations as well as the early civilizations of the Americas before they were discovered by the Western Europeans.