Top of PAge

Algebra I

Students are introduced to higher order abstract reasoning skills. Problem-solving skills are enhanced through the application of logic. Attention is given to the ability to translate English words, phrases, and sentences into mathematical statements needed to solve daily life situations. Topics included are algebraic expressions, equations, rational numbers, polynomials, exponents, radicals, factoring, rational expressions, solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities, probability, and statistics.


This course prepares the student for college level courses. Stress is placed on pre-calculus topics such as functions and limits. Circular and trigonometry functions are developed in detail. Algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions, polar coordinates and complex numbers are comprehensively studied. Graphing calculators are an integral part of the course.

Algebra II

This college-preparatory course extends the basic concepts and skills introduced in Algebra I and Geometry. It introduces complex numbers, functions, quadratic systems, and statistics and prepares students for advanced mathematics concepts or statistics and probability.

Consumer Math

Students will focus their role as a consumer, student, family member, citizen and an active participant in the business world. Students will learn to discover new ways to maximize their earning potential, develop strategies for managing their resources, explore skills for the wise use of credit and gain insight into different ways of investing money.


This is a college preparatory course in which algebraic skills are reviewed and strengthened through applications to problem solving in geometry. Relationships among points, lines, and planes are investigated. Topics such as coordinate geometry, congruency, right triangles, trigonometry, similarity, properties of polygons, circles and three dimensional figures are also covered. The skills needed for success in the eleventh grade HSPA are part of the curriculum.

Basic Math

This course reviews concepts and skills of number sense, operations on integers, fractions, decimals and percents through problem solving situations. The course also focuses on reasoning skills, variables, algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities.