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Applied Music

This course allows students to choose one instrument (from a variety) and have a private weekly lesson. They will learn to identify the various parts, demonstrate proper care, and handling techniques that culminates in individual and ensemble playing time.

Music Lab

This course involves students learning basic music theory and the ability to perform music in an ensemble setting.

Logic 9

Logic 9 incorporates all aspects of music including: writing, recording, editing and mixing.. Instantly it sets up track, edits, mixes or master even a large-scale project. Logic 9 builds a song from scratch with tracks and a mixer channel. It uses the a library of thousands of instruments and effect settings, Apple Loops and even sounds the student created themselves!

Music History

Students will widen their knowledge base of various music styles and noted composers.

Garage Band

Plug a USB music keyboard into your Mac and over 100 realistic software instruments are at your fingertips. You’ll find pianos, strings, drums, guitars, and horns — everything from bass to woodwinds. Just create a new track, choose your instrument, and play. Try the one onscreen — it can display up to 10 octaves at once and it’s resizable. Or turn on Musical Typing and use the keys on your computer keyboard to play. As you record software instruments, GarageBand can display your notes on a piano roll or as notation, complete with rests and other musical events. Edit individual notes right on the staff, then print the notation.