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Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning


b ezrobotsweb smEl jitterbug smBenway’s Robotics Program starts at the elementary level and continues all the way through high school. “Jitterbugs” are introduced during the first phase of robotics training. These robots are built with random items, selected by the students, with the goal of movement through a simple battery-powered motor. Through problem-solving and critical thinking, students work to improve their designs and prepare for the second phase. Next, students progress to building LEGO Mindstorms and programming their movements. Once they have mastered these robots, students will advance to programming one of three different E-Z Robots. Commands for recording video, moving, talking, and even singing will be covered. Soon classes will use our new 3D Printer to assist in the creation and/or addition of parts used for their robots.

Smart Boards

FP smartboard2

Join millions of students and teachers around the world who use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to help improve learning outcomes. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink, and save your work – all with the simple touch of a finger.


SMART Table22Smart Tables

One touch is never enough. Young students are drawn to the surface of the SMART Table(r) interactive learning center, where work and play come together. SMART Table is the first multitouch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of early education students to work simultaneously on one surface. The center’s interface is so intuitive that even young students can start using it without instruction.


 iPad EducationiPads

We offer programs and technology that exercise the brain and increase its ability to perform four basic functions that are essential to learning: Memory, Attention, Processing, & Sequencing. In addition to the already vast technology based tools in our school, our students have the opportunity to enhance their skills with our brand new Apple iPads!


Apple TV is used for learning in New Jersey’s Special Education Classes at Benway School.

Apple TV Learning NJ, Special Education, Wayne NJApple TV is an enhancement to our interactive Smart boards and iPads. All teachers and students are expected to explore and integrate in their instructional setting to maximize the learning experience. The use of Apple TV in combination with an iPad provides a mobile platform from which classroom activities can be initiated.

Using several apps, teachers can provide notes, display steps & processes to problems, and allow students to participate from their own seats. Teachers are free to circulate and monitor the students as they participate in lessons without being tethered to cords or wires.