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NJ Special Education Transition Program

The Transition’s Department works with the students on a 1 to 1 basis to ensure that all students attending and graduating from Benway are going forward with success.

Our students successfully attend the HoHoKus School of Trade, HoHoKus Medical Program, and Fausto's Hair Salon, as well as travel to many places.

transitions2On Mondays, Benway is partnered with Fausto’s Hair Salon. Tommy Pelligrino, owner and operator, opens his doors to demonstrate and teach various hair techniques. The students who attended this program were so interested that 75% of them are signed up for the Capri shared time program next year.

Mr. Scalia the Music teacher, Ms. Simpson the Transitions Coordinator, and several students took the train into Lower Manhattan to visit the Audio Institute. The Institute is a post-graduate, 9 month program that delves into the exciting world of sound and recordings.

Benway’s Work Study Program takes students into local senior citizen homes, The Foundation for the Handicapped, Zap Comics, PetCo, and into Benway’s own working kitchen. We have a new partnership with the Foundation House (and, yes, the returning seniors are able to earn a paycheck!!). We are also partnered with The Universal Brain Institute in Livingston, NJ.

A multitude of students are being prepped for their SAT’s and college acceptance letters are on their way in. As our program moves forward and continues to expand we are looking to place students into clerical positions for credit.

Benway Schools Transitions Program is multi-faceted. The program begins with students as early as 5th grade and takes them through graduation and, in some cases, through aged 21.

To begin with, our elementary students, in conjunction with our older students, are given the opportunity to volunteer with various organizations. These organizations, include, but are not limited to: Habitat 4 Humanity, Cumac Food Bank, Foundation for the Handicapped, Oasis Shelter, ReStore, Petco, Nursing Homes, and Nursery Schools. Volunteering opportunities for the students are set up on a weekly basis.

The next stage of our expansive transition’s program is our job share program.

Students are carefully selected to work either in-house performing tasks ranging from a multi-step process to an assigned task such as “Kitchen Assistant”, “Clerical Worker,” & “Maintenance Assistant”. Our off-site opportunities, include a working hair salon, Rose House kitchen, a warehouse and a Foundation that allows our student the opportunity not only to learn a skill/trade but also interact with the public.

Benway juniors, seniors, and transitions’ students can explore the many shared-time programs such as: HoHoKus Trades/Medical, Lincoln Tech Automotive, Capri Institute, Friendship House, & other “individualized” organizations that are necessary for healthy transitioning into adult life.

For those students wanting to continue with their education, Benway’s Transitions’ Coordinators not only assist with the application process, we also have campus visits, parent’s nights and individualized meetings.

Our Transitional Students (19-21) are given instruction in ADL skills, job-tasks, applications, and work-related assistance to ensure their success after graduation.